Monday, September 20th, 2021

Cinergy MetroNet approved for county expansion

Posted: Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cinergy MetroNet, an all-fiber optic high-speed Internet, digital television, and full-featured phone service, received approval from County Commissioners to expand its services into Huntington County. Cinergy MetroNet worked throughout the summer months to bring its All-Fiber Optic Network services to the city.

The expansion, approved by County Commissioners Monday, October 11, will include bringing all-fiber optic lines to the north and east of Huntington County to include all otherwise unincorporated areas outside the city limits. When cost estimates are completed the work will begin. A hut may also be built in the county for the purpose of expansion.

Cinergy MetroNet sales center is located at 438 N. Jefferson Street. It serves as a retail shop offering high-speed Internet, digital television including HD, and phone service to Huntington residents. The building was the former site of the Korner Kupboard and underwent a complete restoration by Cinergy MetroNet. Grand opening ceremonies were held on September 30.

Currently all-fiber optic capabilities are available to homes and businesses in the city of Huntington. Information about Cinergy MetroNet’s services can be found by calling 504-2400, visiting the local store or at