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Chinese nursing students tour Parkview

Posted: Friday, February 3, 2012

Four Chinese nursing students and their professor, along with a professor and translator from host Indiana Wesleyan University (IWU), Marion, toured Parkview Huntington Hospital January 24. Parkview is one of several hospitals the group visited as part of an educational experience in the United States.

The guests are juniors at Nanjing University in Jiangsu Province, located along the east coast of China. They were chosen to make the trip to the United States because they are the university’s top nursing students. Areas of most interest to the delegation were Parkview Huntington Hospital’s Inpatient Unit, Family Birthing Center, Constant Care Unit and the Emergency Room.

The students also received a demonstration of the hospital’s Constant Care Unit robot which, with the use of video and audio, allows an off-site physician to monitor a patient and make care-related decisions.

The role of a nurse in China is much different from that of a nurse in the United States, according to Lori Webb, BSN, RN, the clinical coordinator in the Division of Licensure, School of Nursing at IWU, in that much of the higher level nursing responsibilities and skills are reserved for the level of their physicians and medical residents.

One of the nursing students expressed an interest in both pediatrics and geriatrics. “They are the most vulnerable at both ends of life, and that is why she is interested in those fields,” said Hazel Tan, who translated for the students.

Nursing education in China requires a longer course of study than programs in the United States. Depending on the level of certification a student seeks, it can take three to eight years to graduate from nursing school. Chinese programs emphasize practical study and clinical application. The main types of nursing education sought by students are zhuanke, baccalaureate and graduate degrees. The first doctoral program in nursing is in development at Sun Yat-Sen University of Medical Sciences.

Shown above are nursing students from Nanjing University in Jiangsu Province who recently toured Parkview Huntington Hospital along with their guides. Pictured at the hospital are, from left: Professor Teresa Wright, Indiana Wesleyan University; Professor Wang Lu, Nanjing University; tour leader Juli Johnson, inpatient services manager, Parkview Huntington Hospital; Chinese nursing students Zhao Li, Zhao Yumeng and Miao Xiao; translator Hazel Tan and student Wang Huan.