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Changes coming to unemployment eligibility

Posted: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development

Changes to unemployment insurance eligibility requirements begin October 1. The revisions are part of the unemployment insurance system overhaul approved by state lawmakers. Department of Workforce Development Commissioner Mark Everson says there is an overall push to make the system “fair for employers and the unemployed.”

Hoosiers receiving unemployment insurance will notice changes to eligibility requirements beginning October 1, 2011. These new rules are part of a law passed by the General Assembly making several changes to unemployment insurance over the next year. “This is a part of an overall push to make the system fair for employers and the unemployed alike,” said Mark W. Everson, Commissioner of the Department of Workforce Development. “These provisions continue our efforts to close eligibility loopholes.”

The following changes take effect beginning October 1:

* Employees who accept payment in exchange for resigning or retiring voluntarily are no longer eligible for unemployment insurance.

* Severance pay for all individuals will be deducted from unemployment insurance benefits.

For example: If you receive eight weeks of severance pay, you will not be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits until week nine. More information about unemployment insurance is available in the claimant handbook, located at