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Chamber websites features Help Wanted Page

Posted: Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Chamber of Commerce is offering a new Help Wanted Page on its website for use by Chamber members. If your business is looking for help, the Chamber can help you locate prospective employees free of charge. Those looking for employment can visit the website and view the postings listed on the Help Wanted Page.

The Chamber was asked by several local businesses to list available employment on its website. Those requesting this service believe there is a need in our community to bring attention to jobs that are available in the area. Prospective employers also needed a venue to promote their current jobs listings.

Chamber members can go to a specific location on the Chamber’s website to place their current job listings at Look for Chamber Info on the navigation bar (in teal below rotating photos at top), click and follow to Member Login. At Member Login, the User Name is your email address. The first time logging in, you must select Forget Your Username/Password and follow the instructions on the screen to set your personal password. You will receive an email from the Chamber to set and confirm a password. For those uncomfortable with this procedure, the Chamber can perform this service for you.

Chamber members can add a job posting by clicking Job Posting (at left) and then on Add Job Posting (in blue) at the top of the page. If you do not see Add Job Posting, you will need to call the Chamber at (260) 356-5300 to set up your account. Continue by typing in the title of the job that is being posted. Fill in the description, qualifications, education, skills, etc. for the particular job. Select the category that the position will likely fall under. Contact information will populate instantly, but any missing information can be added.

Once the advertisement is completed, select the dates for publishing. An image or company logo can also be added. The posting is then submitted electronically to the Chamber for approval. When the ad is approved, a notice of confirmation will be sent by email to the inbox of the person submitting the job posting. Only Chamber members can post new job listings.

Those looking for employment do not have to be a Chamber member to view the employment listings. The Help Wanted icon is located on the front page of the Chamber’s website on the right side. By clicking on the Help Wanted icon, an individual searching for employment will be taken to the employment page. Some jobs may be applied for directly from the employment listing at the discretion of the employer.

The Chamber is adding the Help Wanted feature as an added-value service to our members. We also believe it will be a valuable tool for the community.

For more information or for help getting started using the Help Wanted feature, email or call the office at (260) 356-5300. A flier is included in this month’s newsletter with step-by-step instructions on getting started using Help Wanted.