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Chamber holds Lunch ’n Learn on social media

Posted: Friday, February 22, 2019

The Huntington County Chamber of Commerce held a Lunch ’n Learn designed to help local businesses make sense of social media – while avoiding some of the most prevalent challenges. The seminar was held on Wednesday at St. Peter’s First Community Church. Seventy people attended the seminar.

Anthony Juliano, a marketing and communication strategist with 20 years’ experience, shared with “Reputation, Privacy, and Relationships: the Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media.”

According to Juliano, “Social media marketing has become infinitely more complex in recent years, and businesses are facing more increased challenges. The old taboos and challenges seem almost quaint.”

“Today businesses need a greater degree of sophistication and more careful consideration of the risks.” In this candid, interactive presentation, marketing and social media strategist Juliano helped navigate modern-day social media so that “people can build a reputation to be proud of, while mitigating their risk.” He said, “Always remember when communicating on social media, the person you are speaking to is not your only audience. Keep the conversation positive and address questions or remarks in a professional manner,” said Juliano.

The goal of the Lunch ’n Learn was to help businesses use social media responsibly, while leveraging the real opportunities it provides.

Joe Dyar of Huntington University and Joy Koch of the Parkview Huntington Family YMCA both won gas cards from a drawing at the event.