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Chamber holds Human Resource seminar

Posted: Friday, October 26, 2012

The Chamber of Commerce held a Human Resources seminar at Victory Noll Center on Wednesday, October 24. Over 20 participants learned that as a business leader, our success depends upon our ability to bring people together, getting them to work together, and to produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Positive results come from “discretionary effort.” Good leaders know that “unleashing” an employee’s discretionary effort comes from the ability to connect with each member of the team, to motivate and to fire up their desire to succeed.

Further discussion concerned most employees and their desire to do a good job. However, those same employees can become distracted, disengaged or de-motivated. Traditional command and control methods have become ineffective, especially with a younger workforce. So, what can be done about it? Plenty. Seminar participants were encouraged to learn how to apply the six E’s of Mastering Employee Engagement: Envision, Empathize, Enhance, Empower, Evaluate and Encourage. Exploring the eleven drivers of employee engagement which influence discretionary effort, inspire employee willingness to participate, contribute and consistently do their best work were also discussed.

The seminar additionally taught the warning signs of disengaged employees and how to neutralize their impact on others. During this workshop the group discussed how validation and focus on progressive events can influence employee trust, performance and motivation. They learned proven action steps to deliver fact-based, results-oriented, motivation and feedback to their employees. Participants discussed how to handle real-life situations, address concerns and choose actions to drive higher levels of employee engagement, performance and results. This hands-on workshop encouraged the sharing of best practices, experiences and techniques, which will help every business leader improve their leadership skills, increase their personal job satisfaction and reduce stress.

Shown in the photo above are several of the participants in the HR Group seminar held on Wednesday, October 24 at the Victory Noll Center.