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Chamber holds active shooter seminar

Posted: Friday, March 20, 2015

The Chamber of Commerce HR/Professional Development Group met on Friday, March 13 at Indiana Tech to discuss the topic of active shooters in the workplace. The topic was titled “Workplace Violence - Active Shooters in the Workplace – Do You Know Who is in Your Building?”

The speakers for the luncheon were Master Trooper Trent Kiefer of the Indiana State Police and Chris Newton, chief deputy, of the Huntington County Sheriff’s Department. The pair of law enforcement officers discussed workplace violence, prevention and what you are to do if an active shooter enters your building.

The officers mentioned that those involved should always be aware of their surroundings, looking for ways to escape such as windows, doors and more. If you are unable to escape, close the door to the office, shut out all lights, turn off anything that generates light, and lock and block the door. Normally an active shooter is looking to create as much havoc as possible in as little time as possible. The more someone can slow them down and/or throw them off of their premediated plan, the better. Anything someone can do to slow the shooter down will give the authorities more time to arrive on the scene.

Shown in the photo is Pam Fech, left, program manager at Indiana Tech, as she speaks to Master Trooper Trent Kiefer, center, and Chris Newton, right, chief deputy, Huntington County Sheriff’s Department. Fech shared with the pair how Indiana Tech would respond to an active shooter, and some of the things the school has done to be prepared.