Sunday, September 26th, 2021

Chamber of Commerce says thank you to all

Posted: Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Carson and Barnes Circus which came to Huntington on Wednesday, August 1 was well attended and a huge success thanks to the support of the community and those who helped to bring the circus. The Huntington County Chamber of Commerce, as organizer of the show, would like to recognize and thank the corporate sponsor, MarkleBank, Greg Smitley, Lee Pasko, Peg DeBolt and the MarkleBank employees for making it all possible.

The Chamber sends a big thank you to John Mann and Jim Amstutz for their expertise in bringing the circus and help with tickets and fundraising. Thank you to the W.A. Zimmer Co. for the use of the land for the circus location. The Chamber appreciates the help of the Huntington County Disaster Team and Max Kaylor for planning and directing the parking of cars. We also thank the area chambers and the 4-H Fair board for selling tickets. A great circus day was held for the families of Huntington thanks to everyone’s support!