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Carnes honored at Parkview Community Gala

Posted: Friday, May 26, 2017

Local physician J. David Carnes, MD, was recently honored for his 35-year career in family medicine at the sixth Parkview Huntington Community Gala.

Personal tributes from friends, colleagues and family members described Carnes’ dedication, caring, patience, humor and collaborative nature, and his commitment to treating each person as a unique individual. The tributes, and Carnes’ acceptance of the Dr. R.B. Peare and Dr. John B. Kay Award for Excellence in Healthcare, were the highlight of the event at the Historic Forks of the Wabash.

For many years, Carnes was a partner with the award’s two namesakes at Family Practice Associates, now known as Parkview Physicians Group – Family Medicine, Huntington.

In his remarks, Carnes recalled for the Gala audience of 120-plus people, “I wasn’t going to come back to Huntington,” referring to his time away from his hometown for college and medical training. He had shared his concern with Kay about how people in Huntington would respond to him in his new role as a physician.

“He told me, ‘It’s been 11 years. They’ve forgotten you,’ Carnes said of Kay’s advice. ‘It’s time to come back.’ So I did. And it was the right decision.”

“I’m very blessed that I could come back,” he concluded, “not just to Huntington, but to the Huntington.”

Mrs. Helen Peare and Mrs. Sharon Kay presented the award to Carnes, along with Jeremy Nix, Parkview Huntington Foundation board chair and the evening’s emcee. Carnes joins Drs. Anil V. Rao and Duane Hougendobler along with nurses Ruth Wall, Mary Wilson and Marilyn Rittenhouse – as Peare-Kay recipients.

The evening also raised funds for the cause of healthcare education. Proceeds of more than $7,400 from the event will augment the Jill Dreyer Scholarship Fund, which distributes $3,000 each year to hospital employees enrolled in accredited nursing degree studies. The goal of the scholarship is to enhance the professional practice of nursing in the community, while simultaneously assisting those in pursuit of higher education.

For information about the Gala or the Jill Dreyer Scholarship Fund, call Mike Perkins, director, Parkview Huntington Foundation, at (260) 355-3316.

J. David Carnes, MD, Parkview Physicians Group – Family Medicine, was the guest of honor at the sixth Parkview Huntington Community Gala. Pictured here with him is his wife, Jan, and daughter, Colleen. Carnes was honored with the Dr. R.B. Peare and Dr. John B. Kay Award for Excellence in Healthcare at the event.