Wednesday, September 22nd, 2021

Brown Bag Fridays back for the summer

Posted: Thursday, May 2, 2013

Since spring is here, warm weather has many Huntington residents outdoors cleaning their yards of debris collected over the winter and sprucing up their landscaping and gardens. The Huntington Street Department wants to help the residents of Huntington keep their properties clean by helping them get rid of the yard waste at no charge.

The street department has instituted “Brown Bag Fridays,” says street superintendent Bob Caley. City residents are asked to place their yard waste in brown lawn refuse bags (purchased at various stores in the community) and place them near the street. To have the bags picked up, residents must call the street department at (260) 356-4720. Callers will be asked for their address and the approximate number of bags. The bags will be picked up on Fridays only. Residents are not to place their yard refuse in the trash receptacles or place the bags out before Friday.

Residents that have a normal trash pick-up day on Friday are asked to place the lawn refuse bags away from the trash can so the one-armed truck can pick up the can without moving the brown bags. Large trash items that are not lawn waste and do not fit in the trash receptacles, can be placed beside the trash receptacle on the homeowners regular trash day, but must have a sticker placed on the item purchased from the Street Department for $5 per item.