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Brick House Grill receives mural on building

Posted: Thursday, July 30, 2020

The next time you are in town be sure to drop by the Brick House Grill and check out the mural on the west side of their building. The restaurant is located at 19 W. Washington Street.

According to Barbra Sprinkle, owner, “The Brick House Grill was tagged in a post on Facebook made by America Carrillo (the artist) saying she was looking to donate a mural for a business in the Fort Wayne/Huntington area.” Sprinkle went on the say, “We immediately messaged her with information and she picked three winners. One being the Brick House Grill, while the other Huntington location selected was the Coach House Day Spa, located at 54 W. Market Street. Their mural will be done in August.”

Sprinkle explained, “We wanted a mural that was interactive and that people would want to have their photo taken with. She came up with a few ideas and we settled on the mural with a reference to the movie Toy Story. We thought it was pretty cool considering it’s about a boy named Andy, and since my husband Andy and I own the restaurant, we thought it was very appropriate.”

The mural was painted last Friday but the artist plans to be back this Friday to do the protective layer. If people would like to have their photos taken with the mural please tag both the Brick House Grill at #brickhousegrill and America at #americapaintsamerica.

Sprinkle said that she is a great artist and is originally from Huntington. Her goal is to paint a mural in all fifty states.