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Breakfast highlights BB/BS and Handyman Ron

Posted: Friday, June 7, 2013

The Chamber of Commerce held a Breakfast Showcase on Tuesday, June 4 at the Habecker Dining Commons on the campus of Huntington University. The showcase featured Kelly Grantham of Big Brothers/Big Sisters and back by popular demand was Ron Kline of Handyman Service by Ron Kline.

Grantham spoke to the audience about Big Brothers/Big Sisters in Huntington County and how they are so vital to the youth of our community. Along with Grantham, a “Big” presented their testimonial about what it means to them to be a mentor to their “Little.” Justin Wall gave his testimony about how he could not get matched up as a youngster. He was from a family with no father present. He now has a little brother that did not understand getting an education, cleanliness or how to survive in society. Now his little brother is talking about going to college. Wall went on to explain how gratifying it is to be a mentor or “Big” to a young man and watch him mature.

Kline shared some tips on home maintenance. Kline says he is called to perform jobs that can be done by anyone. He offered tips on how to maintain a home without calling in professionals. Kline focused on the washer and dryer. He said that homeowners should change washer hoses at least every four to five years. He continued by asking the group how often they change their hose outside and explained, “The hoses on a washer are the same. If you do not want to come home sometime and find your home flooded, it would be wise to maintain your hoses.” He also spoke on the importance of keeping your lint trap and vent hose clean, explaining, “If you find that your clothes are not getting dry or come out extremely hot, you have an issue with your lint trap or vent hose. Not only do you use more energy to dry your clothes, one of the major proponents of home fires are plugged clothes dryers.” He also said that you should never go to bed or leave your home with either the washer or dryer running.

Shown in the photo is Justin Wall, a local attorney and a Big Brother in the Big Brother/Big Sister program. He encouraged everyone in the audience to think about becoming a “Big.” He said that you will find it does not take that much time and the connection is very much worthwhile.