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Bowen Center to assist with Affordable Care Act

Posted: Friday, November 7, 2014

The Bowen Center and ASPIN (Affiliated Service Providers of Indiana) are teaming up to provide a place for people with questions regarding the Affordable Care Act to receive much-needed answers. The Bowen Center will hold the Healthcare Marketplace in Huntington on Thursday, December 4 at their facility located at 2860 Northpark Avenue.

Healthcare Marketplace, designed to provide information and enrollment assistance, will be held between November 17 and December 15 in each of the ten counties in which Bowen Center operates.

“It’s open enrollment time right now and our goal is to give the community the opportunity to get help enrolling in health care or to provide a place where their questions can be answered,” said Nicole Cavanaugh, director of business operations at the Bowen Center and one of the event’s navigators. “They can make changes to their existing coverage as well. Insurance coverage is important to people because it gives them the resources to get necessary preventative care and ongoing medical treatment. The Bowen Center is involved because we recognize the importance of a person’s overall health.”

Each marketplace will operate from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and participants are asked to bring their user name and password, if they have already registered on; social security numbers or document numbers for legal immigrants; birth dates; pay stubs; W-2 forms or wage and tax statements; policy numbers for any current health coverage and health insurance information for participants and dependents available through employers.