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Bowen Center opens on-site pharmacy

Posted: Friday, January 15, 2016

A ribbon-cutting ceremony at The Bowen Center’s Allen County facility in Fort Wayne on Tuesday, January 12, marked the official opening of a full-service, on-site pharmacy within the outpatient office — the first such service at the Bowen Center. The pharmacy, one of hundreds owned by national pharmacy firm Genoa, began operations in Bowen’s Fort Wayne office in September of last year. There are 26 such “in-house” pharmacies in Indiana.

“This is a ‘pharmacist’s dream’ because I have the unique opportunity to work side-by-side with prescribers and staff,” said Frank Gordon, site manager for Genoa. “For the first time in my career, the majority of my communication with other healthcare providers is face-to-face and my input and clinical knowledge is valued by the prescribers. We are able to work together in order to solve medication issues and problems in a collaborative environment, which this is rarely possible outside of a hospital, so this is a very unique opportunity.”

According to Gordon, the company’s relationship with the Bowen Center is based on the idea that having an “in-house” pharmacy will provide a much needed benefit to clients. By working closely with the Bowen Center prescribers and staff, Genoa is able to offer unique solutions to clients’ medication issues, Gordon said. “We specialize in compliance, which is to say we work toward the goal of making sure clients pick up and take medications on a scheduled basis, reducing or eliminating missed doses and the potential issues they may cause.”

The pharmacy is located just off the main lobby in the Fort Wayne Bowen Center office at 2100 Goshen Road. Genoa, a QoL Healthcare Company (Genoa) is the most experienced pharmacy provider specializing in behavioral health. Genoa improves consumer care and saves centers time and money throughout the country, making a positive impact in the centers they work with and in the lives of the consumers they serve. Genoa currently operates over 285 pharmacies in 39 states and the District of Columbia, serving 400,000 consumers annually. They offer a unique on-site pharmacy setting based on the needs of the center they are located within and strives to be the provider of choice to both their center partners and their consumers.

Genoa’s full-service, on-site pharmacy located within Bowen Center is there to primarily serve their consumers. Genoa can fill prescriptions from any prescriber, offers delivery options, provide specialized convenient adherence packaging, send refill reminders, and much more. They have been open since September and have been busy finalizing details to ensure that they can serve any consumer that comes through the door. Genoa’s relationship with Bowen is based on the idea that having an “on-site pharmacy” will provide a much needed benefit to consumers. By working closely with Bowen Center’s prescribers and staff, they are able to offer unique solutions to consumers’ medication issues. Genoa offers help with consumers’ medication adherence, which means they work towards the goal of making sure consumers pick up medications on a regularly scheduled basis; reducing or eliminating missed doses and the potential issues they may cause. By being on-site, they are able to work together with the consumers’ treatment team to ensure the best possible outcome.

Shown in the photo from left to right are, Bruce Hinshaw, Genoa; Rob Ryan, Bowen Center vice president, Frank Gordon (cutting ribbon), Genoa; Elanah Barrow, Bowen Center, Tim Nussbaum, Bowen Center vice president, Rachel Miller and Candace Lemke, Bowen Center Nurse Practitioners, Teri Teague, Genoa and Bowen Center CEO Kurt Carlson.