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Bowen Center helping families cope with PTSD

Posted: Friday, November 14, 2014

Article written by Dr. Marlene Parker, Psychologist

The combination of nightmares, flashbacks, hypervigilance, anger and depression that afflict people with Post-traumatic Stress Disorder can be devastating to themselves and their families. PTSD is one of the mental health conditions most likely to lead to relationship problems. Here’s a guide to coping with PTSD for the traumatized person and family members when it interferes with family life.

Everyone must master stress-management skills; discuss how the family wants to address the event with people outside the family; understand that everyone is impacted by the event, even if not apparent at first; remember each person responds and heals in their own way, in their own time; not everyone prefers to talk about their feelings; seek professional help for all family members early whether or not they appear to be upset.

PTSD is a very treatable condition. Traumatized people and families can heal and become fully functional in the future.

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