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Body Safety program to be provided to students

Posted: Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Child Protection Team, in partnership with the Huntington County Community School Corporation, Department of Child Services and the Youth Services Bureau will once again be hosting Sgt. Terry Hall’s Body Safety program. Sgt. Hall will be sharing the important message of how to maintain personal safety to middle school and high school students on March 21 and 22.

Sgt. Hall is a renowned expert in child safety with over 45 years’ experience. He is retired from the Indianapolis Police Department and has traveled extensively throughout the United States and abroad sharing his message in order to provide children and young people with the information needed in order for them to be empowered with their own safety.

“Now more than even young people need to have this information to empower themselves to take an active role in their own safety, rather it be through social media, peer relations or other risky situations. We wanted the students to realize that these situations and behaviors are happening right here, in their own schools and community. We are pleased that Resource Officer Brian Double will be working with Sgt. Hall to bring a local perceptive to the program,” stated Jan Williams, executive director Youth Services Bureau.

“A community meeting will be held Monday, March 20 at 5:30 p.m. at the Horace Mann Education Center. This meeting will provide an overview of the information being shared to the students, address the issues and share ways that families and community members can take an active role in prevention. It is open to all parents, teachers, family members and concerned citizens who want to learn how to help make Huntington County safe for all children,” said Trace Hinesley, HCCSC.

The program is graciously funded by the Ecolab Foundation. The program is a collaborative effort consisting of not only the Department of Child Services, Child Protection team, HCCSC and the Youth Services Bureau, but the state police, sheriff’s department, city police, prosecutor’s office, probation department and town marshals.

For more information contact Jan Williams at the Youth Services Bureau at (260) 356-9681.