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Bippus State Bank moves in Roanoke

Posted: Saturday, August 18, 2012

Bippus State Bank moved to their new Roanoke location along U.S. Highway 24, 533 Geiger Drive, on Monday, August 13. A Huntington County Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting was held in celebration on Friday, August 17.

Ryan Warner, president of Bippus State Bank, was on hand to begin the celebration and thanked Junior and Jenny Geiger for their help in facilitating the building for use by the bank. He also thanked the town of Roanoke for their help in locating to the Geiger complex.

Warner went on to introduce the staff of the bank including Matt Quickery, manager of the Roanoke office and Kenny Rupley, chairman of the board. He said, “Without our staff the success of the bank is not possible – they are outstanding and understand what community banking is all about.”

The ribbon cutting ceremony was followed by a luncheon of pulled pork, sauerkraut, applesauce, chips, desserts and beverages provided by Bippus State Bank to all in attendance. Employees of the bank handed out complimentary coin purses with varying amounts of money inside.

The photo of the Bippus State Bank ribbon cutting in celebration of the new location of the Roanoke branch shows from left, first row, Ryan Warner, president; Leon Hurlburt, county commissioner and Fire Marshal; Mayor of the City of Huntington Brooks Fetters; Matt Quickery, Roanoke branch manager, cutting the ribbon; Kathleen Jacobs; Jennifer Hanson; Kenny Rupley, chairman of the board; Steve Kimmel, executive director Chamber of Commerce. Second row, Seth Marshall, BSB Investments and Huntington Chamber board; Adam Fusselman; Tim Powell, president Roanoke Chamber of Commerce; Erin Carter; Ryan Johnson, board of directors; Joe Wiley, board of directors and Billy Winter. Third row are John Knecht, board of directors; Brandon Wyss; Chris Stephan, board of directors and Steve Mason, board of directors.