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Barrus wins TSP award at Thorne Insurance

Posted: Friday, May 22, 2015

Joel Barrus has been given the “TSP” (Top Sales Producer) Award at Thorne Insurance Agency, Inc. by Kevin Killen, president. Thorne Insurance Agency, presents only one of these awards in January of each year for all of Thorne’s locations.

Killen said that this award is earned by being the top sales producer within the company for standard written property and casualty business for the given year. He further stated, “Barrus excelled in 2014 in new written business and earned the award. Barrus is an agent for my Wabash office location.”

Killen went on to explain, “This is a very hard award to win, and it takes many hours outside of the office both working and networking with people to accomplish sales at this higher level. I am very proud of Barrus and the work ethic he has portrayed to win this award. There are not many insurance agents out there that will go the extra mile for the customer like he will. He is an excellent independent insurance agent.”

Shown in the photo is Joel Barrus, left, as he accepts the “TSP” Top Sales Producer from Jason Dawes, vice president and office manager.