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Balancing Work-Life Priorities workshop

Posted: Friday, September 20, 2013

The Chamber of Commerce will hold an Effective Self-Management - Balancing Work-Life Priorities workshop on Thursday, October 3 at Victory Noll Center. The workshop will take place from 8 to 11 a.m. with registration from 7:30 to 8 a.m.

The half-day, hands-on, group discussion oriented workshop will be facilitated by Alan Siepker, SPHR, HR Manager for Thermafiber, Inc., who will share his expertise in the fields of human resources, quality, leadership development and management. Siepker has over 30 years of industrial labor relations, negotiations and arbitration experience in union and union-free facilities. He is an adult education adjunct instructor and has a degree in Communications from Eastern Illinois, a Business Management and an MBA from Indiana Tech University.

Business leaders depend upon their ability to lead people to get things done, to focus on the right priorities and produce maximum results in the shortest amount of time. Good leaders know that “unleashing” an employee’s creativity and initiative start with their own ability to see the big picture, set priorities, communicate expectations, motivate and focus on results. Many leaders struggle to know what is really important, which priorities make a difference and how to understand, measure and lead others to success.

In order to achieve and maximize their ability to manage, leaders must understand and learn how to apply the Seven (7) F’s of Effective Self Management – Faith, Family, Friends, Firm (work), Finance, Fun, and Fitness. This workshop is not a time-management seminar, but rather will involve a journey of individual discovery and group discussions exploring the work-life factors which guide and influence behavior and decision-making. Learn the secrets of how passion and calling drive discretionary effort, willingness to take risks, focus, relationships, family, and results in consistently doing the best work.

This seminar is for people who love their work and desire to balance it with what they value more - health, family life, relationships and living life fully. Participants should bring their toughest, real-life example for discussion. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance and three hours of training applied toward PHR-SPHR recertification.

The cost of the half-day workshop is $50. Register through the Chamber of Commerce by emailing Steve Kimmel at or call (260) 356-5300 by Tuesday, October 1.