Friday, April 19th, 2019

Bailey's Coffee offers customized mugs

Posted: Friday, January 6, 2012

Bailey’s Coffee LLC, owned by Robert Bailey, is offering a new product as a part of its coffee business. Bailey explained that the new product is a customizable travel mug that you place your message on the bottom of for everyone to see when you tip it back for a drink.

Bailey has had the plan for the mugs in the works for quite some time and has finally seen it come to life. Bailey’s personal mug messages are “LOL” and “I’m not really listening.” Those desiring a personal message on their own coffee mug can select any message they desire, from a Bible verse to a funny saying, according to Bailey.

The mugs are currently sold at his coffee cart locations in Huntington and online on the Bailey’s Coffee Facebook page. He has already filled orders for customers from Thailand and is working with Walgreen’s as the store has shown interest in selling the mugs.

Bailey says his idea is original and patent-pending. Once the customized coffee mug is patented, Bailey will be the sole inventor of travel mugs of this type. He also hopes to expand his sales and use the mugs as part of fund-raisers that will benefit Huntington North High School, not-for-profits and other local organizations.