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Arts, Entrepreneurial Center receives investment

Posted: Friday, September 18, 2020

The Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center (HAEC), a project of Pathfinder Services and the LaFontaine Arts Council, has received a $180,000 grant and a $600,000 program-related investment from AWS Foundation in Fort Wayne to help with start-up and operational needs.

“We are so grateful to AWS Foundation for supporting this transformative project for downtown Huntington and northeast Indiana,” says Katy Strass, Director of the HAEC. “AWS Foundation’s investment and belief in this project allows us to offer art and business opportunities to people of all ages and abilities.”

Patti Hays, CEO of AWS Foundation adds, “Providing inclusive opportunities to showcase artistic talents and creative works that transcend varying abilities benefits all of us. We understand the value of expression and how it contributes to a community’s wide-range social and economic goals.”

The $180,000 grant is broken down into $80,000 for start-up operations and $100,000 to build out open commercial space and ensure full accessibility throughout the HAEC. The $600,000 program-related investment is a zero-percent interest, five-year loan to ensure the HAEC maintains full operational capacity as it builds momentum and begins to earn money, without the worry of interest payments.

“This is a huge financial investment for us that lifts the burden of high-interest loans as the HAEC becomes established,” says Danielle Tips, president and CEO of Pathfinder Services.  “We are extremely grateful to AWS Foundation and look forward to our continued relationship.”

The Huntington Arts and Entrepreneurial Center is a multi-purpose community arts and business start-up center located in the historic UB Block buildings in downtown Huntington. The center will serve people of all ages and abilities as they pursue their interests in different types of art, culinary skills, business and entrepreneurial aspirations.

AWS Foundation is an agency with a mission and vision that aligns directly with the mission and vision of Pathfinder Services.