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April is National Child Abuse and Neglect Month

Posted: Friday, April 12, 2019

Article submitted by Youth Services Bureau

April is National Child Abuse and Neglect Prevention Awareness Month. The intent is to bring this important message to the forefront. We applaud the awareness and the efforts put forth with this. We would like to ask Huntington County to take the next step and make child abuse and neglect awareness and prevention a priority for everyone every day.

Each year, thousands of children are victims of abuse and neglect. This is not a topic many people wish to talk or even think about. It is easier for us to believe that it isn’t an issue in our community. However, Huntington County’s children are not immune. When families are struggling to just make it through the day, find themselves with additional stressors, the children are often times the easy targets.

Why should people care about this topic? The number one reason for people to take an active role in prevention is the belief that it shouldn’t hurt to be a child. There are many additional reasons for everyone to make it their responsibility to be an active partner in child abuse and neglect prevention.

Those include: Child abuse and neglect can have lasting effect, if not fatal. Child abuse/neglect can have a huge impact on the child’s growth and development. Child abuse and neglect costs society millions of dollars annually. Child abuse and neglect victims are at a higher risk of becoming an abuser. Prevention programs target the parents and families prior to the child being abuse and/or neglected.

If we are to truly make Huntington County safe for all children, we must take a stand and become an active participant in the prevention of abuse and neglect. Some ways to help make a difference include: Knowing what is happening with your own children or relatives with children. Offer to help as needed, provide an avenue to vent frustrations and offer encouragement. Be a friend to neighborhood children. Be a friend to a child you know through your church or other venue. Volunteer your time and money to an organization that supports children and families.

Please make child abuse and neglect prevention a priority in your life. To learn more about child abuse and neglect prevention you can contact the Youth Services Bureau at (260) 356-9681 or email adm@ysbofhuntingtonco.org or the Department of Child Services at www.in.gov-DCS.