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Apex Clean Energy planning wind project

Posted: Friday, February 7, 2014

Information provided by Apex Clean Energy

Apex Clean Energy, a U.S. renewable energy company, has just begun developing the plans for the Plum Tree Wind project, a clean energy facility anticipated to bring at least $100 million of economic development to the region over about 25 years through the direct purchasing of goods and services, as well as new wages, according to Apex information. The project is being designed for construction in southeastern Huntington County, with construction itself expected by Apex to generate an additional $27 million in economic development to the community.

Representing a potential investment of about $195 million, (100% of which will be privately financed), Plum Tree Wind will also provide a significant injection of new dollars into the local economy through annual lease payments to landowners.  Both construction and operation of the wind farm will also generate new jobs, bringing high quality employment opportunities to Huntington County for years to come, according to company sources.

As is the case with many wind projects around the country, Plum Tree Wind is expected to be among the largest contributors to Huntington County’s local tax base.  Apex estimates that the project will pay approximately $4.26 million in property taxes during the first ten years of operation, and it is likely to pay millions more over the 20+ year life of the project.

Because wind farms do not require the county to build new roads, hire more emergency personnel or build new schools, the economic benefits they bring are not overwhelmed by new expenses.  Apex believes that every dollar that Plum Tree Wind contributes to local schools, local roads, and local businesses represents a net gain for the community.  Local benefits like these, along with today’s competitive cost of wind energy, are enabling the industry to expand rapidly in the U.S., creating thousands of American jobs in development, construction, manufacturing and maintenance, according to Apex.

Apex hopes to make itself as accessible as possible to members of the Huntington County business community.  Apex is a national leader in renewable energy, and it is committed to working with local residents to serve the community.  As the first company to propose a wind project in Huntington County, Apex plans to engage closely with local officials and citizens to ensure the project is developed in a manner that meets local needs.  That effort will include regular open houses and informational events, the management of an informative and easy to use website, and careful compliance with all requirements in the County’s rigorous wind energy ordinance.  Huntington County’s wind ordinance contains a number of safeguards that must be in place before a project is granted a certificate of occupancy.

Building a wind project takes time.  Leasing ground, conducting wildlife studies, obtaining approvals at the local and state level and the design and engineering of the project, can easily take two or more years.  During this time, Apex will be available to share information about wind energy in general and project specifics.  Those interested in hosting an informational session with Apex at a club, church or organization, contact Apex’s Indiana Development Manager, Rob Propes, at (919) 710-3429, or email at