Thursday, July 29th, 2021

Annual Dinner canceled, transition takes place

Posted: Friday, January 15, 2021

The 97th annual dinner of the Huntington County Chamber of Commerce has been canceled for Monday, January 18. Due to the cancellation, the transitioning of officers of the Chamber’s board of directors took place at the regular board meeting at the Historic Forks of the Wabash this past Monday, January 11.

Sonya Foraker, 2020 Chair of the board, Parkview Huntington Hospital, was honored by receiving her Chair plaque at the Chamber meeting. The plaque was presented to Foraker by incoming Chair, Darlene Stanley, JJ’s. The Chamber thanks Foraker for her service as Chair of the board for 2020, and her dedication to the Chamber’s activities over the years.

Foraker recognized the outgoing members of the board to include Randy Warner, Randal J. Warner CPA, LLC and Mike Hartburg, Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt & Garrett LLP.

New to the board of directors for 2021 include Jill Jamison, Culp CPA Group; Trisha Abbott, Mazie’s Flowers, Markle; Adrian Halverstadt, Hartburg Roth Garrott Halverstadt & Garrett LLP and Carrie Miller, Innovative Packaging.

The Chamber did not select a Volunteer of the Year or Ambassador of the Year for 2020. The board of directors are hopeful the annual dinner will resume in 2022, and continue the tradition of honoring all of the categories for 2021.

The board of directors believes it is appropriate to present all Huntington County businesses, not-for-profits and citizens of Huntington County with the 2020 Chamber Community Excellence Award. The board considered the struggles of every business and citizen in Huntington County during this difficult year when presenting the Community Excellence Award.

Many entities deserve appreciation for their service to the community. Heartfelt thanks go to front-line workers such as hospital employees, emergency service workers, truck drivers and essential business employees. Teachers are especially thanked for adapting to a new way of teaching and caring for students. Clergy, elected officials of city and county government, city and county employees, the health department employees and others deserve our praise for making the difficult decisions that keep the community safe. We also think of industry and the complete change that was made in the way they do business. They have incurred additional costs keeping their employees safe with masks, hand sanitizer and social distancing on assembly lines.

The Chamber also recognizes our not-for-profit community. Not-for-profits survive on the generosity and gifts they receive from the community. Without the capability of holding meetings and/or events their bottom lines took a hit, but survived during 2020.

We also think of the local business community including retail, restaurant and professional offices. Restaurants struggled to stay open and had to “reimagine” how to survive in such a time as this year. Retail suffered without shoppers. The Chamber thanks them for going the extra mile providing food, products and services.

In conclusion there is not a single business in Huntington County that has not been affected by the pandemic. When faced with challenges, the business community of Huntington County always rallies around our citizens, and supports each other to find a way to get through tough times. The Chamber looks forward to a brighter 2021.

Shown in the photo is Sonya Foraker, right, accepting her outgoing Chair plaque from incoming Chair Darlene Stanley.