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Alert Preservation Awards presented

Posted: Friday, May 27, 2011

Preservation Awards for 2011 were presented by Huntington Alert, a group dedicated to the preservation of historic building and landmarks in Huntington County. Two downtown restaurants and two religious establishments were recognized for their historic preservation efforts at the May 17 ceremony.

The restoration of the existing Milligan Building by Lee Bowers as his tavern the Rusty Dog Irish Pub was recognized by Huntington Alert. Bowers has operated the Rusty Dog since last year in the Milligan Building which was constructed in the 1880s.

Rich Najuch and Joel Froomkin were recognized for the opening of ThEatery, 528 N. Jefferson Street. The pair completely refurbished the building and serve meals daily in the structure. They also own and operate The New Huntington Theater.

Trinity United Methodist Church, 530 Guilford Street, was given a historic preservation award for strengthening its stained glass windows and repairing ceiling damage after a portion fell into the sanctuary.

St. Felix Friary’s owners were recognized for the work being done to preserve the historic monastery at 1280 Hitzfield Street. The building and surrounding grounds are undergoing a complete renovation.

Huntington Alert also recognized the Huntington Parks Department for its work on the Lime City Trail and Main Street for its work in promoting façade improvements including the 1776 Sporting Club and the Cinergy MetroNet building.